Welcome to Epic Wallpapers Unlike most Wallpapers sites we don't host other people Wallpaper and we don't hotlink off to other websites so what you see is what you get! On top of that we make sure that every single Wallpaperis indeed Epic! we won't put anything online that hasn't been checked first and trust me there is a lot of rubbish out there, over the past year we have upload to date 16,801 Wallpapers.

Epic Wallpapers

So have fun and find yourselves a new wallpaper we have a good mixture of good wallpapers that are all free! Here at Epic Wallpapers we have 3D Wallpapers HD Wallpapers Gaming Wallpapers Movie Wallpapers and much more! We like to keep up to date so each week we plan to upload 200 new Wallpapers each week! Once again unlike most Wallpapers site this one is different from the ground up! We have made a custom engine and spent a lot of money getting it to where we are today! If you want to keep up to date you can follow us on

Top Wallpapers

On top off all of that! You can also pick up all sorts of Wallpapers some of the Top wallpapers are also Animal Wallpapers and loads of cool Retro Wallpapers and my favourite Space Wallpapers that we get directly from NASA!